Opening Session

Dr. Ir. Naresworo Nugroho, M.Sc
Dean of Faculty of Forestry and Environment IPB University
Ir. Musdhalifah Machmud, MT
Deputy for Food and Agriculture Coordination,
Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Edgar C. Turner (DepZoology, University of Cambridge, UK)

He is a Lecturer and curator of Insects from University of Cambridge. He is interested in understanding how landscapes can be managed to maintain biodiversity and healthy functioning ecosystems, while still allowing agricultural development to take place. His previous research has investigated the role of large epiphytic ferns in housing biodiversity in oil palms. More recently, with the BEFTA Programme, experimentally investigate the potential of management methods, such as the maintenance of understory plants and the rehabilitation of river margins, to benefit biodiversity and important ecosystem functions, such as pest control.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Antonius Suwanto, M.Sc (Division of Microbiology, Department of Biology, IPB University)

He is professor in IPB University and Universitas atmajaya. He received his bachelor degree in IPB University (Agricultural Product Technology), followed by his master degree major in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics in Univ of illinois USA, then his PhD from identical major. His current research focuses on Ganoderma Control in Oil Palm, Lipase Bioprospecting for Biodiesel Production, Microbiome and Metagenome of Indonesian traditional fermented food. He is the one who had found that only tempeh from Indonesia which contains of Vitamin B12.

Prof. Ts. Dr. Chong Khim Phin (Deputy Director (Strategic ) Research Management Centre, Universiti Malaysia Sabah)

Professor Ts. Dr. Chong Khim Phin holds a PhD in Plant Science from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Prof Chong is currently the Deputy Director (Strategic) at Research Management Centre of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Prof. Chong is also actively involving in several consultancy work related to oil palm diseases. Throughout his academic career, he has won several medals in research competitions including the Gold medal in 2010 Seoul Invention Fair and commercialized some of his research products such as LEStani®, Plant Doctor A and BTM, GanoKitTM and others. Prof. Chong has also received the Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM) Award from Academy of Sciences Malaysia in 2020. He is a Professional Technologist (Biotechnology) registered under Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT) and a member of the National Council of Professors.

Dr. Ir. Gunawan Djajakirana, M.Sc (Division of Soil Biology and Biotechnology, IPB University)

Dr. Ir. Gunawan Djajakirana, M.Sc is a lecture on IPB University. He received his Bachelor from Institut Pertanian Bogor, followed by a Master and Doctoral degree from Universitaet Goettingen, German. His research primarily concentrates on the Soil and Environmental Biology, Biomass and Organic soil, Land damage and remediation, wetland and peatland. He has published many paper and achieve h-index about 10

Dr. Jean-Marc Roda (French Agriculture Research Center for International Development/CIRAD)

Senior scientist at CIRAD (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) in the department “Performance of Tropical Production and Processing Systems” and member of the research unit of Biomass, wood, energy, and bioproducts. Jean is also a member of the CESSMA laboratory at Sorbonne Paris Cité University (Centre of studies in social sciences sociales, on African, American, and Asian worlds). Seconded at INTROP (Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Products, in Universiti Putra Malaysia). CTO of the center of excellence on Biomass Valorisation. Associate scientist at FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) in the Economics & Strategic Analysis division.

Dr. Ir. Delima Hasri Azahari, MS (National Research and Innovation Agency)

Senior Researcher of National Reseacrh and Innovation Agency. She received his Bachelor from IPB University in 1979, followed by a Master degree from IPB University in 1983, then her PhD from Univ. of Illois at Champaign Urbana USA in 1990.